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Book Overview

Cheryl Krkoc writes a narrative that traces the root of her family coming to America.

Sentiment sees her paternal grandparents and other relatives, who came from Slovenija, immigrate to the Chicago area in the United States in the early 1900’s. Other of the relatives from Slovenija later immigrated to Argentina after immigration standards became more restrictive in the United States. Poverty and WWI led to her family’s immigration to both North and South America. Cheryl then details her life growing up in the home of her immigrant grandparents. There were strong ties to the Old Country on her father’s side and also a supportive enclave in Elmhurst, Illinois. She was raised Catholic. When her father marries her mother, her mother’s German Lutheran family is unaccepting of her marriage to an immigrant’s son. This leads to difficulties. Cheryl’s sensual childhood experiences helped form a framework for understanding her world and navigating through life which leads to her search for knowledge about her cultural heritage and family history.